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10 best readability tools to check your SEO content

Content strategy is a science and every detail counts.

These details include:

  • The reading level of the content.
  • Number of words (especially in relation to top ranking content).
  • Format and correct use of subtitles.
  • Keyword breakdown.
  • Use of phrases related to the keyword.
  • Grammar.
  • Sentence structure.

In fact, details like these can mean the difference between a # 1 ranking (or an answer box!) And content that doesn’t even appear on page 1 of search results.

Competitive content writers will use every tool at their disposal to create content.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the 10 best SEO content writing tools that specifically help you improve. readability.

Add your keyword (and associated keywords if you want), and the SEO writing assistant will give you an overall score based on factors like:

  • Readability
  • Number of hard-to-read sentences
  • Long words
  • Word count and reading time (relative to top-ranked content)
  • Tone of voice


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Notably, along with SEO writing assistant is the only tool on this list where you can set the preferred level of readability that you want your content to have.

You can customize the tone of voice you want for your content, ranging from casual to formal, and check if the content in the document is plagiarized.

It will also show related questions that you should consider asking / answering in the content.

Personally, my favorite aspect of the SEO writing assistant is the recommended keywords – the tool will automatically display around 20 phrases present in the highest ranked comment.

Yoast is a free WordPress plugin that many digital marketers use to check their content’s basic SEO, but it can also give you a content readability score.

In the content readability score, you will find a report that details:

  • Ease of reading Flesch
  • Use of passive voice versus active voice
  • Distribution of subtitles
  • Variety of sentence structure
  • Paragraph length
  • Sentence length
  • Use of transition words


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Like most of the tools on this list, the Content Experience provides scores for your content’s word count, phrase structure, keyword coverage, phrase repetition, and more. depending on your target keywords.

This is one of the most robust content marketing tools on this list and provides insight into user intent, keyword selection, and even the best time of year to post a. contents.

As the name suggests, the readability tool primarily focuses on the readability of your content.

You can type the content you’re working on directly into the tool, or you can use a URL for content that already exists (yours Where your competitors).

The report will award not one but six readability scores, including:

  • Ease of reading Flesch.
  • Flesch-Kincaid school level.
  • Gun fog score.
  • SMOG index.
  • Coleman-Liau index score.
  • The score of the automated readability index.

It will also show you:

  • The number of sentences
  • Number of words
  • Number of complex words
  • Percentage of complex words
  • Average words per sentence
  • Average syllables per word

With the text optimizer, you can open a web page and this content readability tool will check the health of your content.

If you’re new to SEO or content strategy, this is a good place to start, as no technical knowledge is required to use this tool and create great content.

In addition to evaluating your content’s word count, sentence length, and verb usage, this tool will give you word suggestions to add to your content. and words to remove from your content to increase your ranking potential.

According to Text Optimizer, 70% of their users achieve higher SEO rankings within five weeks of using the tool.

This content readability tool focuses only on reading level and gives your content a readability score based on


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Not only will this give all of your content a rating, but it will also give a rating to the individual content of your content.

If writing isn’t your strong suit, Grammarly is a game-changer.

This tool focuses on the mechanics of writing rather than the science of SEO content. Nonetheless, he’s incredibly valuable and belongs on this list.

Poorly written content equates to a bad user experience (and high quality content should be written with search engines and the user in mind).

Grammarly will tackle problems of grammar and spelling, but also of tone and structure.

It will point out overly complex sentences and ensure clarity and conciseness.

You can also set a goal for the content of your writing so that Grammarly can tailor their recommendations to your project.

The goals are aligned according to the type of your content.

You can choose between academic, business, technical, creative, and casual. For most web content, you’ll probably want to choose a company.

When working on commercial content, Grammarly will report all passive voice use and pronoun misuse, but will allow some use of informality.


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Not only can you use Grammarly for blog posts, site content, and articles, but you can also use it for emails, posts, and social media posts.

Likewise, the free Hemingway app helps you improve the mechanics of your writing.

Copy your content into the Hemingway desktop app and it will display:

  • The readability of your content by grade level
  • Opportunities to use more concise language
  • The abuse of adverbs
  • Use of passive voice
  • Hard to read sentences
  • Places where a simpler sentence could be used
  • Number of words and number of characters
  • The average reading time of the content

Sometimes content readability isn’t a problem with keyword distribution or bad grammar.

Sometimes, you might just have some wild and uncontrollable formatting that needs to be dealt with.

As the name suggests, Bulk SEO Tools will help you solve formatting issues (which impact readability) in bulk.

Say, for example, all of your text or large parts of your text are in all caps.

You can type this text into Bulk SEO Tool’s case converter and change the case to sentence case, uppercase, lowercase, title case, etc.


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Bulk SEO Tools also offers text tools to quickly remove duplicate lines, add or remove line breaks, and even add prefixes or suffixes if you’re working with a list.

Do you know what else can interfere with readability (at least from the user’s point of view)?


No one likes clichés – they will make your writing appear contrived and contrite.

This free tool will highlight all your snapshots in red so that you can swap them out for a more meaningful sentence.

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