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Finding the Buddha in Your SEO Content Strategy: A Path to Optimized Enlightenment

Buddhism encompasses a plethora of traditions, practices and beliefs based largely on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, the “awakened” commonly referred to as the Buddha. To sum up in a neat little package, the Buddha sought to awaken and enlighten those who were ready to open their minds and souls to his insightful light through […]

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Seasonal Pages and SEO Strategy: What Works Best?

The following table, provided by PI Datametrics, shows how different brands rank for “Christmas decorations” over the past 12 months. While three of the retailers here consistently rank on the first page of Google, the other two (Selfridges and Wilko) are all over the place. So what is the difference? (Click on image for larger […]

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BuzzFeed’s Non-SEO Strategy: Inside the Web’s Most Shared Content #SMX

“So what are you doing for research? Does BuzzFeed think about SEO? “Not really.” At SMX East, Jonah Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed was refreshingly real about what matters in web content to its brand – and search rankings are not high on the priority list. This is a model that may not work for everyone, […]