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7 tips for better SEO content

Writing for SEO is a multifaceted challenge. When you sit down to write search-optimized copy, whether it’s for a product page, a blog post, or even something as short and “simple” (end of sarcasm) as a meta description, you You may feel like you’re juggling a huge number of different do’s, don’ts, rules, regulations, and […]

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Your Business Needs SEO Services, Not an SEO Business

Let’s be clear on one thing: search engine optimization is what your business really needs, not an SEO company. I know a lot of things are going through your mind right now. But first, remember that this article is against search optimization companies – it isn’t. Instead, it’s for entrepreneurs and business owners like you […]

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What Google’s Memory Loss Means for Content and SEO Strategy

In a blog post which got a lot of attention, Bray pointed to an article he wrote and posted on his blog in 2006, as well as a blog post another person posted in 2008, which could not be found via Google search. Carefully crafted exact match queries and searches using the to place: prefix […]

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Most companies invest in social media marketing to support SEO strategy

WASHINGTON, January 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Social media marketing is the top SEO services priority among U.S. businesses in 2018, according to new research from Clutch and Ignite Visibility. Over 90% of companies that invest in SEO also invest in social media. The survey of 303 US business marketing decision makers reveals that most tend […]

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How to improve your SEO strategy with Semantic Technologies

With the team of WordLift our mission is to democratize semantic technologies to make them accessible to anyone with a website. In fact, today, big players leveraging these technologies have gained an edge in the digital marketing space. Although the goal seems ambitious at first glance, it is already achievable. In this article, I show […]