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Is Syndicated Content Harming Your SEO Strategy?

PHOTO: Shutterstock With the high cost of content, many businesses are looking for ways to increase the ROI of their content creation efforts. And yet, while syndicated content isn’t new, only 27% of B2B marketers currently use syndicated content and promotional tools. Many companies are probably overlooking the benefits of syndicated content because they are […]

Seo strategy

Ways To Sustain Your SEO Strategy CSQ

In 2019, for the first time in Google’s history, Google announced a update of the large base algorithm. They released the update in early June, and simultaneously Google also released what they dubbed the diversity update. The diversity update was separate from the general base algorithm update, which was designed to limit multiple results from […]

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Content delivery, speed and accessibility

When working with clients on optimizing their websites for the Chinese market, a common early conversation is about the Great Firewall and how to effectively serve content in China. the Large firewall is a term used to describe content censorship in China. When we talk about SEO for Baidu, it is also a very misused […]