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4 tips for creating an SEO strategy in content marketing

Businesses often ask how long search engine optimization takes. While it’s hard to give an exact time frame, some SEO experts suggest it could take several months to start seeing results, and those results should continue to grow over time. But delivering these results is not a one-stop shop; companies need a good SEO strategy […]

Seo content

SEO content writing tips for writers

What is SEO? SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO is basically how a website is optimized to appear for certain search results on search engines like Bing and Google Search which is the most popular. Types of SEO SEO is basically divided into 3 types; What is SEO content writing? We will […]

Seo content

10 questions to ask when onboarding an SEO content client

As an SEO content writer, I interact with tons of companies that have varying degrees of experience and preparation when it comes to their SEO content strategy. Some brands have well-researched buyers and a mountain of keyword research at their fingertips, while others have no blogging strategy and no clear idea of ​​who their target […]

Seo content

Why Your SEO Content Strategy Needs Temporal And Persistent Pieces To Maximize Traffic

Confused about how to proceed with your existing content strategy in light of COVID-19? You’re not alone. After the pandemic has upset daily life, brands have had no other choice but to overhaul their existing editorial calendars and refocus their content on the new needs of audiences. They also had to re-evaluate their SEO content […]