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3 tips to develop your SEO content strategy

All marketers know they need to focus on organic digital marketing, especially since 53% of website traffic comes from a search engine. But there are so many organic marketing tactics out there, it can be hard to know which ones will get you results.

This is where content comes in. Content marketing offers many benefits. Since you are offering information to your customers, you will be seen as an expert in your niche. Additionally, high-quality content can increase website traffic, improve your brand image, and convert leads. In addition, 82% of companies use content marketingtherefore developing an SEO content strategy will ensure you stay competitive.

Well, where to begin ? Here are 3 tips for your SEO content marketing strategy.

  1. Start with keyword optimization

In order to get positive results from your SEO and content strategy, you will want to optimize your articles for high ranking keywords.

How do you choose high quality keywords? First, identify the keywords you want to target based on your niche and user intent. Moreover, the keyword must also be considered in your blog and what it is about. Next, research the search traffic value and competition of different keywords.

Ideally, your main keyword should have high traffic value and low competition. From there, sprinkle that keyword throughout the text. Don’t forget to include it in the meta value, like SEO title and description.

Are you still confused? Read it keyword research guide.

  1. Consider guest posting

Guest posting is writing for another company’s website.

While this may seem odd to content newbies, it’s actually a great way to gain off-page traffic. Most bloggers use guest posting to link to their website, easily getting a backlink. But guest posting has even more benefits. For example, you’ll sound even more authoritative when discussing your business on another website.

How do you find blogs that will welcome you as a writer? Find high authority blogs that match your niche. If you don’t have time to write an article, you can always use one of their writers or hire your own ghostwriter.

  1. Create great topics

With so many businesses blogging, it’s common to see the same topics on a Google search. This means that the “What Is” and “Ultimate Guide” blogs no longer work. Focus on niche subtopics that are just as important as the big picture.

For example, blogs like “What is SEO” are so common that they don’t provide much value. Instead, focus on SEO subtopics. This can include “How to Do SEO for Law Firms”, “Perfecting a Local SEO Strategy” or even “Secrets to Increase Website Traffic”.

Create a Winning SEO Content Strategy

Organic digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, are the secret to increasing website traffic and attracting leads.

There are many SEO tactics out there, and content is always an integral part of a search strategy. To create great content that shows results, optimize your blogs for keywords, start guest posting, and create engaging topics. Be sure to use these tips to perfect your SEO content strategy and drive sales.

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