Seo strategy

4 essential elements of the SEO strategy for service companies

Unique elements required for a service business to rank well in search engines.

While large multinational companies use SEO strategies to gain clients and clients around the world, a small business that only deals with clients in its geographic region only wants local leads.

This article takes a look at what you need to have in your SEO strategy if you’re one of those small businesses trying to gain exposure to your local customers.

  1. Your website

    Take a look at your website and see if you can find out where your business is located and who it is used for.

    Your target area should be noted prominently in the homepage copy, your contact page, as well as in the footer. You can even embed it in your business name or URL.

    The idea is, of course, to make sure that when someone comes to your website looking for what you are providing, they are also assured that you are serving their area.

    Also include these terms in your META data. It makes a difference in reaching local customers doing specific searches for your city or business service area. Plus, when you create individual pages for each service you provide, work with the locations served in the headlines and copy.

  2. Google My business

    If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create a Gmail account for yourself, so you can easily sign in to all Google apps and products.

    Google My business is one of those freely available tools that allows your business to pin your business on Google Maps and if Google sees the right signals you will rank high in local ranking results as well. Local ranking results are the results you’ll see when Google realizes that your search query is location specific.

    Try typing “plumbers near me” into Google and you’ll likely see a few ads and some localized listings before you see the organic search results. It can be 1 to 3 advertisements or 3 or 4 local advertisements depending on the competitiveness of the market.

    These local listings are invaluable to your business and by creating and verifying your business with Google, you will at least have initiated the steps necessary to get listed on these local listings.

    Once you have the account, fill in everything you can. Provide photos and use keywords for your department and location in the description and anywhere you see a genuine opportunity.

  3. Local quotes

    Local quotes are when your business is listed in local directories. You probably only need to do this once and it’s very easy.

    Simply search for your location with the word “directories” after it. There are obvious ones like Bark but you can also find niche directories for your locality as well as your service.

    Never pay for it, as these paid directories will already have been flagged by Google when reviewing their site. Paying for links or quotes will always hurt your ranking efforts.


    When it comes to local customers, opinions are golden. These are testimonials that other potential customers can trust. Asking them from former clients is perfectly acceptable; however, falsifying them is not.

    Don’t ask them to log into their Gmail account from your computer to leave a review or Google will see that your reviews are all from the same IP address and then the reviews won’t help your ranking.

There are a lot of other things you can do as well, but these 4 points are essential in any local SEO strategy and if you are a service business you will need these to get the right traffic.

Of course, if you’re looking to truly dominate the ranking results and make sure you have a solid strategy, you’ll want to hire someone who provides professional search engine optimization. They can take it a step further and actively maintain the effort required to let Google know that you are delivering what you do, where you do it, while you are spending your time delivering your service!