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4 tips to help you master SEO content writing

When it comes to SEO, we’ve all heard that “content is king” and the better your content is, the more likely you are to rank higher. While this can be great for businesses with dedicated writers, many people end up becoming dedicated content writers. without any training.

Instead of researching multiple content writing templates in the hopes that you can follow a simple formula for the best results, consider switching tactics and use these tips instead!

start in the middle

Almost every writing role model you’ll come across will say that all good work has to start at the beginning, but unfortunately that’s not the case for most strong writers.

When you start your writing at the very beginning, it means that you should already know the rest of what you are going to say in advance. It gives you very little wiggle room, and if the tone of your work starts to change halfway through, everything that’s been written before needs to be changed.

However, when you start your writing in the middle, it allows you to slowly build a piece of content piece by piece.

Try to think about what you want the content to actually say and start in the middle of that discussion. This can mean writing small paragraphs, or even single sentences that you think are strong and deserve a place in your content.

When you finally put those thoughts together, you’ll be able to write an introduction that truly reflects what’s about to be said.

Know what Google ignores

Incorporating keywords into content is a struggle for even the best copywriter, especially when they’re not grammatically correct.

Even without a good understanding of Google’s methods, people know that their searches don’t need to be perfectly worded to find what they’re looking for. This creates problems for copywriters like location-based keywords, because terms like “Toronto florist,” for example, don’t fit properly in a sentence without a word like “in.”

In situations where you must use these keywords, it is important to know that punctuation does not affect search results.

For a content writer, this is big news. Instead of hoping readers won’t notice that there’s obviously something wrong with a sentence, you can use a comma, semicolon, or even a period between words.

Instead of having to say “are you looking for a florist in Toronto”, you can say “when looking for a florist, residents of Toronto have many options”. This way the keyword appears in that sentence as a whole and seems to fit naturally.

Don’t stop writing

Whether or not you’re a professional content writer with thousands of hours spent behind a computer, or a marketer who was thrown into the writing world by chance, the only thing that makes someone’s writing better is the time.

Practice is perfect when writing SEO content, and skills start to develop as you work on it.

If that means contributing more to your company blog, starting your own, or even signing up for online writing classes to stay on track, you’ll find your writing skills improve dramatically. .

With practice, you’ll find a personal voice in your writing, and it will not only rank better, but it will read better.

think ahead

No matter how passionate you really are about writing content, one of the easiest ways to master this skill is to simply stay organized. When you’re organized, you’ll know exactly when to write, what to write, and what to say.

A simple trick to doing this is to write down a timeline of the topics you want to talk about, the keywords you want to use, and any extra notes you have about how you want the writing to sound. This way, you can research ahead of time and archive any information that you know will be relevant in the future.

This method of organization works great for those who may not be able to come up with ideas all the time and need a certain level of preparation before getting into writing.

When trying to master SEO content writing, remember that there is no quick fix to becoming the next great blogger. But with practice, patience, and a little planning, you’ll be able to write content that will work to find you.

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