Seo strategy

A full year plan (+ model) [Ebook]

SEO is more competitive than ever. How to get ahead of the competition?

What do you do first if you want to dominate the SERPs and get the most out of every minute?

How much time should you spend on each step? And with so much to do, how do you keep track of it all?

You need a plan. But not just any plan.

You need a unique SEO strategy that will allow you to achieve top rankings without distracting yourself with unnecessary tasks or shiny new techniques that don’t pay off.

SEO strategy: a full year plan (+ template) can be this resource to achieve your goals. You will receive a comprehensive SEO planning guide and template to help you create a winning SEO program.

Download them here.

With this easy-to-follow monthly guide, you can build a profitable SEO strategy, track your progress, and quickly adapt to change to get the most out of your SEO efforts.

You will learn how to structure your year to achieve the organic search rankings and visibility you need to stay ahead of the competition while maximizing ROI.

  • Month 1 – Integration.
  • Month 2 – Reports, audits and implementation.
  • Month 3 – Pillar content keyword research and content calendar.
  • Month 4 – Implementation of the content audit.
  • Until month 12.

You will also find a editable seo strategy template that helps you track successes, identify issues, and stay focused, regardless of your website, industry, budget, or experience level.

We have created an SEO strategy: a full year plan (+ model) in partnership with Titan Growth, InMotion Hosting and Rock Content to be your SEO GPS to help you find the best route to the top of the SERPs, little it doesn’t matter what you’re up against. .

Start your journey to SEO success today.