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AI-powered content and SEO marketing platform Scalenut raises $3.1M from Saama Capital and Amit Singhal

Co-founders (from left to right) Gaurav Goyal, Saurabh Wadhawan and Mayank Jain

Scalenut Powers Organic Content For Businesses Through AI Platform As It Raises $3.1M Funding Round

The fast-growing AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform has grown more than 10x since its launch.

Businesses know that content is king when it comes to winning over customers, but as the channels and types of content have grown exponentially, it will be important to know what content is winning over customers. AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform Scalenut prevails with its AI-generated organic content for SMBs and midsize businesses with 100,000 registered users in just months since going live line this year. As it scales the platform and expands into new geographies, Scalenut today announces a $3.1 million funding round led by Saama Capital and Amit Singhal (former Senior VP of Google and Head of Google Search).

The company previously raised $400,000 in seed funding led by Titan Capital, First Principles VC, AngelList, Abhishek Goyal and other top angel investors. In early 2022, they launched their public-use SaaS platform, and in the past six months, they’ve seen their revenue grow 10x.

Scalenut, which primarily focuses on the US and UK markets, helps businesses and brands plan, research and create content in 1/5th the time it normally takes. Plus, it cuts costs by 90% and dramatically increases content production.

Mayank Jain, co-founder of Scalenut said: “The pandemic has spurred rapid digitization across businesses with a greater focus on digital marketing. However, after spending a huge amount of money on paid advertising for growth, they realized it was not sustainable in the long run and hence the focus shifted to organic marketing to grow from sustainable way.

He added, “In order to increase organic growth, SEO and content marketing teams juggle multiple tools for solid SEO research, content creation, optimization, and performance measurement. Not only is this inefficient, but it also leads to siled team efforts based on broken ideas and incomplete strategy. This is why most companies struggle to successfully scale content marketing.

Scalenut’s AI platform brings everything they need together in one place so they can strategize and scale easily and at a pace that helps them achieve their business goals.

“With Scalenut, we aim to empower SEO and content teams to put the paddle to their organic marketing efforts from a single platform and help businesses grow sustainably,” said Mayank Jain.

According to a Databox study, almost 20% of marketers get more than 60% of their traffic from search engines, i.e. organic traffic, and 71% of marketers said that creating new content is their most important tactic to increase their organic traffic.

Commenting on the successful closing of the funding round, Mayank Jain commented, “This funding is to continue building the platform, hiring talent and expanding into new geographies. We aim to solve a huge problem that marketers all over the world are facing today. The opportunity in the market and our progress so far inspires us to work harder and make a dent in this area.”

“Businesses associated with us have seen their organic traffic triple in just 3-4 months. Not only have we seen our revenue increase 10x over the past six months, but we are also trending towards a seven-figure revenue rate right now. We are in a hyper-growth phase and on track to achieve our major revenue milestones. »

Speaking of investing in Scalenut, Ash Lilani, Managing Partner at Saama Capital said, “With the increase in content consumption around the world, content is a key driver of business growth. A common problem businesses face in boosting their organic marketing is scaling meaningfully content. There is no easy way to scale content and Scalenut solves precisely that with its robust AI platform. This is a great added value. Since the launch of its SaaS platform in January 2022 , Scalenut has seen good traction with over 100,000 registered users.We have been very impressed with how the product team has come together and the market response they have gotten.

Amit Singhal, former Senior Vice President of Google and Head of Google Searchsaid: “There is no one better than Scalenut to help businesses increase organic traffic. With deep domain expertise and a passion for helping businesses grow sustainably, I am thrilled to being part of the team. Their recent growth has validated our belief and I’m super excited about what’s in store.