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Are links the missing piece of your SEO strategy?

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The value of links has remained one of the few constants in the SEO industry, even as search is becoming one of the most important channels in digital marketing.

But link building is the least controllable part of SEO and can be time consuming and frustrating without dedicated resources. This is especially true if you are working with multiple clients who are missing links.

Outsourcing is a difficult prospect – you need a partner you can trust, who delivers consistent, quality work.

Finding the right link building solution can be a painful experience.

What you really need is someone who makes sure that natural and organic backlinks are consistently generated to your customers’ websites.

Building quality links isn’t the hardest business in the world (according to the client), but it certainly takes time, especially when you take a careful, measured, and deliberate approach to earning the most relevant natural links. on areas that make sense.

Page One Power has long been known for our personalized link building campaigns; however, these campaigns, contract durations and other nuances make it a sub-optimal solution for agencies that need to help them in their link building efforts.

Enter individual agency link placement – a white label agency solution

Let’s talk about the pain points. At Page One Power, we understand that as an agency you may not necessarily be locked into a long-term contract on a client-by-client basis, especially when contractual deadlines do not match your agency / client contracts. existing. Additionally, we have all seen clients leave abruptly for unforeseen and unexpected reasons.

A long term contract without flexibility is not conducive to the occasionally already established between sellers and customers. You need flexibility, support, and a partner to complement and amplify your other SEO efforts with link building.

A one-to-one link solution has a number of unique and unique advantages for agencies looking to white label link building. The most overwhelming advantage is the quality.

Quality writing, quality links. While you technically outsource your link building to a vendor, the P1P team looks a lot like a dedicated internal team,

The P1P team works hard to be like an internal team in terms of dedication, style and quality. In this way, we are practically your internal team. The second benefit is the flexibility offered by the product depending on link acquisition needs, authority ranges and budget constraints. With us at the helm together, we can discover new bonding opportunities (while keeping costs under control).

How do we deliver individual links within 30 days?

We employ a team of college graduate, SEO trained writers who are incredibly talented and passionate. These copywriters have forged various relationships in a multitude of industries while working for our own clients, creating content and securing placements on industry specific sites.

They are relationships of trust on authoritative websites.

A contextually relevant link will be placed in a single piece of content. The link will have organic and natural anchor text, and the content goes through two different editorial processes, scrutinizing grammar, unique value, and SEO elements on the article page.

How to use our individual link service

To start

Our one-on-one liaison service is designed for simplicity.

  1. Contact us by sharing customer sites that you would like us to link to.
  2. We review the content of your client’s site to determine which pages, if any, we can link to.
  3. We inform you if we are able to secure the links with your client.
  4. You place your order.
  5. Once your payment is received, we will link to your customer within 30 days.

The pages to which we refer must be content-based and informative or educational, and not promotional in nature.

If you have specific pages in mind, let us know. Of course, we reserve the right to select the most suitable pages for the article and the site, but we will take your requests into account.

Why individual links?


If links are the missing piece of your SEO strategy, we can help.

No matter the size, niche, or budget of the site, we have proven time and time again that we are successful in securing valuable links to our clients’ websites.

We’re a trusted partner, with a team of passionate in-house writers, SEOs, and managers who deliver the quality your clients need.

To treat

Our internal process is completely streamlined into six clear steps:

  • Site search and prospecting
  • Pitch and article ideation
  • Sensitization
  • Composition of articles
  • Editorial review
  • Publication


How to measure the value of a link? We use relevance and human value when acquiring permanent links for our clients, but we also understand the value of authority measures.

Each individual link will have at least two of the three measures of authority:

  1. Moz Domain Authority (DA) 30+
  2. Citation Flow by Majestic (CF) 20+
  3. SEMrush’s organic traffic statistics 100+ monthly visits

We monitor several metrics to ensure the quality of every link we build.


The statement is simple and straightforward. Your account manager will create a shared spreadsheet and upload your completed links as they are secured.

What to expect


You can expect the work for your link (broadcast, writing and submission) to be done within 30 days of placing your order and a live link within 60 days.

We never pay for links, editorial relationships, or article placement. We believe in manual and human-to-human awareness, unique ideas, creativity and passion.

Each link will be reviewed for editorial quality, contextual relevance, and the metrics you purchased.

Where and how to order

To buyYou can place your order with us online through our easy to use web form. Our account manager will contact you within one working day to discuss your order and answer all your questions.


Our base cost is $ 350 per link, with higher rates for higher metrics.

Higher metrics depend on your site, our relationships and in particular the metrics you desire. Custom prices will be created to meet your needs, just ask.

Contact one of our consultants today and find out what our new white label product can do for you.

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