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Develop a Successful SEO Strategy With This On-Sale Course Pack

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TL; DR: Find out how to rank higher in Google search results with the 2021 Google SEO and SERP Business Marketing Pack. As of June 24, get the 11-class package for only $ 34.98.

Search engine optimization is what makes Google and other search engines direct searchers to your website. Done well, it also ensures that your business appears high in search results for specific keywords and phrases. But with constantly changing search parameters and Google algorithms, the whole SEO process is a little complicated.

It takes a trained and qualified expert to push a brand to the top of a Google search results page. And with the Google SEO and SERP Business Marketing Bundle 2021, that could be you.

With 26 hours of content and 11 unique lessons, this bundle will help you understand social media marketing, link building, Google quotes, and (of course) SEO, so you can increase your lead and traffic. brand online. Alex Genadinik – a three-time successful Amazon author and coach on Business, Entrepreneurship, SEO, Marketing and Amazon – will take you step-by-step through the most important aspects of SEO and business marketing. He has taught over 350,000 students to date and has been awarded 4.5 out of 5 stars as an instructor, with students especially appreciating the depth of his courses and his beginner-friendly teaching approach.

After a general introduction to SEO and social media strategies, the content delves into specific lessons on quality link building, voice search, Google quotes, SEO image tagging, rich snippets, and HTML schema. , and even UX design. One class even comes with a free 15-minute Google Hangout coaching call, where you can ask specific questions about your own website.

Finally, the training will cover more advanced tactics in keyword research, algorithms and on-page SEO. Once you’ve worked all of the content on your own schedule, you’ll be able to tackle SEO for your own website or offer new skills to potential employers.

This pack is valued at over $ 2,000, but for a limited time you can pick up all 11 for just $ 34.98. It’s a little over $ 3 per class.

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