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Edkent Media Launches SEO Services for Tech Startups in Toronto

Edkent is a digital marketing company that provides authentic, results-driven and innovative digital marketing and SEO blogging services and more to help Toronto tech startups achieve higher rankings and organic traffic through SEO services designed for tech startups.

An established digital marketing company, Edkent recently launched search engine optimization or SEO services for tech startups in Toronto. To enable growing and mid-sized Toronto tech startups to build their presence on organic search and improve their overall user experience.

As of today, building one’s brand equity has become all the more crucial to achieving the inevitable success in one’s business. Whether it’s helping to build their brand value, gaining more opportunities to acquire more target customers, rank higher in search results, or gain greater visibility brand online. Good SEO services from professional and next-gen digital marketing companies like Edkent have become quintessential.

Edkent is a digital marketing company with an experienced team of digital marketing enthusiasts. The company offers specialized digital marketing services such as search engine optimization, PPC ad management, content creation, and social media management services, among others. In this competitive digital advertising environment, what sets the company apart from other digital marketing companies is its carefully researched strategies that help businesses of all sizes unlock the door to endless growth through digital media.

The main goal of this digital marketing platform is to understand the needs and requirements of tech startups, design specific solutions, and help them gain the competitive edge they really want. Whether it’s offering deep internal linking strategies to maximize the effect of commercial content, refreshing existing content, or improving click-through rates, an expert SEO company like Edkent constantly adapts its approach to its tech startup clients to achieve higher rankings.

Recent research has shown that 82% of shoppers research online through their phones before buying online or offline. This clearly indicates the relevance of properly presenting your business, whether it is a tech startup or any other form of business, to build trust and brand value online. Thus, capturing the decision-making process of these 82% is certainly possible with a well-framed or refined SEO strategy.

Edkent offers a wide range of SEO services such as Organic SEO, Local SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and Enterprise SEO Services. Each of these SEO services by Edkent offers their own advantages. For example, the technical SEO service will allow technology startups to create a website architecture for SEO best practices, create an accurate website sitemap structure, configure schema markup tags, configure data structured and get canonical tags for international sites, etc. .

The search engine optimization process followed by Edkent aims to help tech startups get leads every time. By doing thorough research and analysis, a concrete action plan focusing on SEO strategy, RankBrain content, building a catalog of backlinks, delivering results, reanalyzing and improving growth , as well as outranking the competition.

Edkent Media is the brainchild of Eddie Madan, Founder and CEO, and Kenny Tripura, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the company. The company has built an excellent reputation over the past 10 years and has also worked with many top brands such as Forbes, Reuters, INC., etc. Apart from SEO, some other services offered by this company are personalized digital marketing services, inbound marketing, etc.

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