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How Local Content Can Help You Boost Your SEO Strategy

In the fast-paced world of technology and the web, Google and other search engines continue to evolve at breakneck speed. Not too long ago, Google made a groundbreaking update that focused on local visibility in search engine results. This means that local businesses can be found in the geographic area from which you are currently searching. As a result of this change, your local SEO has become more important than ever to increasing your presence in the areas you want to target.

First Things First – Local content will set your site apart from the rest

Regardless of what your business entails, building local content pages on your website is sure to separate your site from the rest of the competition, as it’s not something that is commonly seen. Creating quality local content that optimizes for keywords like location and the services you are trying to rank for is one of the best things you can do to get extra visibility into your website from all good locations. Think of it as a battleship game: you want to locate and strike where you’re trying to gain control (market share).

Find a relevant local topic

Let’s say I own a car dealership located in West Chester, PA and we would like to increase our visibility in the Philadelphia area. A good idea for a topic would be something useful and relevant to residents of the Philadelphia area, like “Best Cheesesteak Shops Around Philadelphia” or “Best Sports Bars to Watch the Philadelphia Eagles”.

How will a mouthwatering cheesesteak article sell cars or improve our SEO strategy? Well, it’s not all about the cheese steaks, but the location you’re looking for. By creating this content and optimizing it for Philadelphia, you are attracting traffic from that area and that is exactly the goal here. Site visitors who land on your site from this local content may never have heard of your dealership and now they have. And maybe they’re conveniently in the market for a vehicle that you have a lot of stuff in your inventory on.

How local content works from an on-page optimization perspective

Not only are you doing homework for people who Google this topic, but you are also highlighting local businesses in the area and helping them market themselves. Once you’ve created quality content for these pages and used on-page optimization best practices like keyword and URL optimization to properly target Philadelphia, it’s time to move on. in the second half of the process: off-page optimization.

Finish the process with off-page optimization

To take your local content strategy one step further, reach out to local businesses and places that you mention in your local articles after you’ve carefully edited and double-checked all of the business information mentioned. Step into the owner’s shoes and decide if your content is something the owner would be proud to read and if the content truly reflects who they are as a business.

Ideally, these business owners will be happy to have been mentioned with no charge or catch and most likely will link to your website or post your article on their social media pages. The more people who view your article, the more authority you will gain in the Google search engine. What does this mean for us? A HUGE win, that’s what it means!

This way, you will attract referral traffic from people who are on those websites or social media pages and see the link to your article. It’s a great way to market your business and gain exposure from people who may never have heard of it. So not only do you get traffic from the area you want to focus on, but you also gain visibility while building great partnerships with local businesses in the community. This is why local content is such an important aspect in the SEO world and should be included in your monthly content strategy.