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How to Build an SEO Strategy That Can Beat the Competition

An SEO strategy could be the manna you need to propel your business to the top of the market. As some SEO strategies lag behind market changes and algorithm updates, it is possible to build a robust system that will crush the competition. By defining your goals in a solid SEO strategy, you can begin to hone your tactics for success. Here are some of the best strategies your business can use to become a market leader and dominate your industry.

Look beyond the obvious

It’s tempting to just focus on the most obvious keyword related to your business when it comes to content development. However, this could miss out on a whole world of organic search traffic, where potential customers will stumble upon your site while searching for other relevant topics. Identifying profitable topics that are relevant to your industry and diversifying your keyword content can help you beat the competition by staying ahead of the game.

Choose a topic

In order to figure out exactly what those topics should be, you’ll need to look at your product as part of the big picture. An online marketing agency can help you think outside the box and see your business from a different perspective. For example, products or services that are highly relevant to yours, such as those needed to support its operation, or those of which your product is a small part, can allow you to expand into broader thematic areas. This in turn allows interested customers to naturally stumble upon your product and website.

The benefits of diversification

The benefits of branching out into content that focuses on subsidiary topics are manifold. First, you’ll likely be the first to attract customers, because you’ll catch them at an early stage – maybe even before they realize they need your product. Second, you’ll have a higher likelihood of your content being shared and linked by the industries you cover, because your product doesn’t compete with theirs. Finally, you will gain the upper hand over your competition by demonstrating in-depth knowledge of your entire field.

Become an industry authority

Another way to propel your web page to the top of the search engine is to create a completely separate site that will be filled with premium content about your industry. This can be used to link to your own web page. However, you should proceed with caution to avoid being accused of illegitimate link schemes. No matter how much you want to improve your website’s search engine rankings, know the difference between quality of link building vs quantity and decide what to focus on. Post relevant, informative and accurate content. Having done this, you will become an authority in your industry and you can be sure to maintain a legitimate status and create a center of power that will propel your business to the top.

Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring

Finally, by creating content that others want to share, you can dramatically increase your reach. By quoting industry experts, you not only showcase your knowledge of the trade, but you can also gain valuable allies. Everyone loves positive media, so by mentioning high-profile experts or influencers in your content, you’ll flatter them, in turn encouraging them to share it. This allows you to reach a large consumer base, as their fans and subscribers will have access to your article. Eventually, you can even become an influencer yourself!


Many aspects contribute to a solid SEO strategy, and with the ever-changing and changing keyword landscape, staying on top is essential. By using these techniques, you can beat the competition and dominate your market.