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Link Building: A Vital Cog in Your SEO Strategy

There is no single or predetermined formula for a successful SEO strategy. What works for you may not work for your rivals. It is essential to make better use of all known mechanisms in this era of high competitiveness, where the margin of error overcomes the effectiveness of SEO strategies. Let’s leave all the other important SEO strategies aside for a minute and explain why you can’t risk ignoring the role of the link building exercise.

What is link building and how is it still relevant in today’s scenario?

Simply put, a link building tactic acts as a bridge between your audience and the website. An effective link building strategy in place results in positive feedback and all the right words about a brand your client would love to hear on the World Wide Web.

In all likelihood, a link building service is an effective mechanism for marketing your website’s services to online audiences. Consider this as an example, there are a large number of online users who regularly visit your website. Now, in order to attract and make your website known to millions of other users, who regularly access the Internet, you must market your services.

How you do that is what link building helps you achieve.
Online marketing is largely about building networks and ensuring your website gets exposure. Trending videos or GIFs are the effective ways to form an audience network, which will always be waiting for the next trending media. This simple strategy builds an audience base and is pretty representative of the fact that humans like to network even in the online world.

Prominent Link Building Tactics

Content marketing
The Internet is all about content. Users who have access to appropriate and relevant information on online websites will have a hard time ignoring the source. Information in the form of blogs, articles or infographics is the form of content marketing. The website links on this informative content are monitored by SERP, which results in high search engine rankings.

It is necessary for an SEO team to market their services with quality content to make themselves known on this gigantic platform.

Everyone trusts the advice put forward in an interview. If you happen to be an oft-quoted expert, you’ll know how effective it is to build a network.

Listen to interviews, which are broadcast on podcasts or via Google Hangouts, and you will know how effective interviews are in establishing your niche in your circle. However, on the other hand, if you are a newcomer to this field, you need to do some homework before getting this kind of calculation.

What you can do:

Connect to relatively smaller websites, which are part of your network

Do not hesitate to ask for interviews. Research websites in your niche, which conduct interviews with bloggers

Sign up for HARO (Help A Reporter Out) where you can connect with journalists looking for relevant information and news feeds

Guest posts
Blogging can get you an additional audience outside of your niche. Important advice or information that you provide to online users is considered vital. Needles to say word will spread on an expert blogger, who knows his job. Not only blogs, you can also host other bloggers and share accolades based on credit.

Either way, if you’re a blogger or a host, the word will spread, which will ultimately result in online exposure and audience.

On the one hand, a poor quality infographic will only attract the wrath of Google and on the other hand, a proper and high quality infographic will only help you to understand your target audience. The attributes of a high quality infographic are:

  • Informative
  • Relevant information
  • html coded

Get support from your local communities. Participate in events that can help you establish your local foothold. Over time, the meaning of local SEO has changed significantly. Local SEO has become an integral part of the link building exercise. You can strengthen your local hold with
Local SEO through:

  • Sponsorship
  • Volunteering
  • Meet local

All of this can help you not only spread the good word about the services, but also form a strong local foothold that can help build the brand.

Resource Pages
High-quality content that you develop for content marketing can be used for resource pages. Resource pages are extremely beneficial as they can help you with more links. You have put in significant resources to get your hands on quality content. Don’t waste it and make sure you make optimal use of it.

The advantage of the resource page is that it is not limited to the main page of your website, but also deep link pages.

Link Recovery
Link salvage is a technique that makes link building relatively easy. What makes it so simple is the integration of link recovery, which should be part of your
link building strategy.

Link Recovery also allows you to reclaim the full value of valuable links that might otherwise be lost when locating, reaching out, and fixing broken links on your website.