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Low Cost Ecommerce SEO Services Launched By UK Agency

This month UK SEO and Digital Marketing Agency Studio 36 Digital launched a new line of SEO services for ecommerce. Designed for small businesses or UK-based startups, the packages have been developed to enable businesses to increase the rankings of their stores and products online. The services offer professional website optimization to improve organic search rankings on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Through customer reviews and online research, the agency understands that there are currently very few affordable ecommerce SEO services available in the UK. Small businesses or new businesses looking to increase their eCommerce website or online store presence are faced with plans costing thousands of pounds per month. To combat this lack of affordability, Studio 36 Digital has created ecommerce SEO packages starting at just £ 199 per month. The agency believes that these low-cost packages give small businesses a fair chance to rank among their bigger competitors, with a significantly larger marketing budget.

The Ecommerce SEO Agency packages offered apply to most ecommerce website platforms including Shopify, Woocommerce, Opencart, and Wix. Studio 36 Digital has extensive experience working on these platforms to fully optimize and achieve high organic rankings for client websites.

The complete packages include each; keyword research, competitor research, technical optimization, blog optimization, content optimization and link building. These 6 SEO domains are essential for any website. Specifically for ecommerce websites, page and product category optimization is essential and included in the packages.

To learn more and get a free SEO audit of your website, contact Studio 36 Digital.