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New Writing Service Specializes in Affordable SEO Content for Business Websites

Las Vegas, NV, September 29, 2013 –(– Businesses can now get online content written for their website at prices that fit their budget thanks to a new writing service launched by Beez Content.

Las Vegas-based Beez Content has assembled a team of professional writers with a wide variety of backgrounds to deliver unique and specialized online content for virtually every industry, including finance, healthcare, real estate , insurance, education, technology and travel.

“Small and medium-sized businesses need high-quality copy for their website, blog, newsletter and emails if they want to compete in the online marketplace,” said Cedric Jackson, CEO of Beez Happy. “Unfortunately, many companies don’t have the time to write this content, or they don’t have the special expertise needed to write search engine-optimized copy.”

Beez Content specializes in writing SEO content that helps a company’s website rank higher with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Higher search rankings often lead to jumps in website traffic and sales.

To make its website content writing services affordable for even the smallest businesses, Beez Content has introduced a cost-effective way for them to quickly get fresh copy on their site. Businesses interested in Beez Content copywriting services receive a free consultation to discuss their specific copywriting needs. Beez Content then offers a price per word, so businesses can determine exactly how much copy they want and how that fits into their budget.

Beez Content meets the copy needs of a business with an experienced copywriter who creates completely original content that incorporates the latest SEO techniques.

“High search rankings require a website to regularly publish unique SEO-optimized copy,” says Cedric Jackson. “Now businesses can compete at a price they can afford.”

For more information about Beez Content writing services or to get a free quote, visit or call 1.800.566.6560.

Beez Content is a Las Vegas-based professional copywriting company that specializes in providing affordable, SEO-friendly content to businesses around the world. A team of expert writers, bloggers and journalists create unique content for websites, articles, blog posts, newsletters, press releases, ebooks, video scripts and more. For more information, visit