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PG Wodehouse once said, “To find a man’s true character, play golf with him.”

This is great advice for people, but you can’t golf SEO services. So what’s a real estate agent to do? How can you find the true value of an SEO service? In a world flooded with SEO tools, how do you find the ones that really boost your real estate business? Where to start ?

As the old cliché goes, the best things in life are free. All the tools mentioned below are free or have free trials. This way you can limit your risk and improve your website at the same time. After all, you’ll never really know until you try.


Google Analytics

Google has more search traffic data than any other company. Google Analytics potentially has more advantages than any SEO tool on the market. However, it has a serious drawback. It’s quite difficult to find it. Fortunately, the individual Google Analytics qualification test exists. It’s a rigorous test, but people who pass the exam gain a wealth of Google Analytics knowledge along the way. The certification is robust. It’s one of the most sought-after certifications for companies hiring marketers, and there’s a good reason for that; It’s useful. The test used to cost $50, but now it’s free.

What exactly does Google Analytics do for real estate agents? You can use it to analyze the content of your site. For example, you can see how many times a video is played on your website. Or you can see how many people downloaded your latest checklist. Google Analytics shows you which pages are performing well and which are not. It also lets you know how long people stay on pages (the longer the better). It does all of this and more. It’s a wealth of information, but hard to master. That’s why the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Test is so convenient and practical.


Yoast is a wonderful WordPress plugin. It helps you analyze your content, letting you check how SEO friendly it is. For example, it does basic things like letting you know if your pages have a meta description and a title tag. It also wades through more complex waters, such as analyzing your content for readability. Writing for the web is different from academic writing, and Yoast encourages you to divide up your writing, making it as user-friendly as possible. Yoast is a must-have for WordPress users.


KW Finder’s slogan is “find long tail SEO keywords with low difficulty”. It’s a process that should be on every real estate agent’s radar. Ranking for super competitive keywords is exhausting, tedious and tedious. Think popular sites like Forbes, Business Insider or Huffington Post. These sites are incredibly hard to rank for when they post quality long-form content. Since there are so many searches for popular real estate keywords, words like “real estate” or “cheap homes,” the top sites aim to rank for those words. Still, the best websites can’t rank for every keyword, and there are plenty of long-tail SEO keywords that make a good value proposition. In other words, their search volume is healthy, but their competition is low. KW Finder is fantastic for finding these words. The user-friendly software also offers a free trial.

Best SEO Services for Real Estate Agents

The best things in life are free. Try these free SEO tools before experimenting with something like Ahrefs, which doesn’t have a free trial (you have to pay $7 to try Ahrefs for 7 days).