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The wording of quantity over quality is obsolete. The content writing service of yesteryear is insufficient for today’s SEO strategy. Modern search engines feature complex algorithms designed to separate relevant and valuable online marketing from web content using outdated SEO practices. Randomly inserting keywords into shallow content now only serves to hurt your brand’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs) and in the eyes of your target audience. That’s why every Brafton SEO copywriter is trained in the latest best practices, incorporating cutting edge marketing techniques tailored to strengthen your online presence and meet the wants and needs of your readers. Combining journalism, creative writing and digital marketing skills, our professional writers work together with SEO strategists and consultants to ensure that every piece of marketing hits the mark, regardless of the type of content.

Brafton’s writers, strategists and consultants work together to develop an engaging content marketing strategy that resonates with potential customers and results in website content that ranks in the SERPs. Your brand needs high quality web content designed with search engine optimization in mind.

Brafton SEO content writing services
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