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The importance of diversification in SEO strategy

Whether it’s the release of a new black and white animal, an introduction to a stranger named “Fred,” or the rare tip to EAT More, SEO is changing and evolving rapidly.

Therefore, it’s important to diversify and not keep all of your Optimization Eggs in one basket – chances are the basket is at an algorithmic update to be vaporized.

Relying on a singular strategy is dangerous because this strategy can quickly become obsolete, but it is also risky because there is a risk of over-optimizing.

Over-optimizing a specific tactic can signal manipulation to search engines, which can lead to devaluations or even manual penalties.

Overuse of specific link anchor text is a great example of how you can experience over-saturation issues; a natural anchor text distribution includes a diverse range of anchor texts.

However, the importance of diversification in SEO extends far beyond anchor text.

Here are some ways to diversify your SEO efforts to gain visibility and organic traffic.


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Diversify content strategies

Content plays a vital role in SEO success, and it’s also an area where diversification is most needed.

Diversity in content starts with audience – you need to diversify your content to reach all of your audience.

If you only focus on people who are ready to buy from you, you’re going to miss a significant portion of your audience.

You need to create content that serves all stages of your marketing funnel, not just the bottom.


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Your audience has different intentions during different stages, and your content must match that specific intention to appear in relevant search results.

For example, some of the different types of content you need to create to process your entire funnel include:

Top of the funnel

Middle of the funnel

  • EBooks
  • White papers
  • In-depth resources or guides
  • Checklists

Bottom of the funnel

  • Case studies
  • Testimonials and references
  • Supplier comparisons
  • Product demonstrations
  • Faq

Here are some examples of the types of content you can create to meet every part of your funnel and all of your audience.

To approach each step of your marketing funnel, you need to create a variety of content types, but that’s not the only reason to diversify the content format. Content formatting can play an important role in search visibility and ranking.

When we think of “content” we usually think of blog posts or written text. However, depending on the intent of a given query, textual content may not rank well in the corresponding search results.

Take a close look at the SERPs for any keywords or topics you are targeting to better understand what types of pages Google wants to rank and diversify your content – with video, images, audio, etc. – to match currently categorized content formats.

In fact, diversifying a single page to include multiple formats will give you the best chance of ranking for a variety of queries while giving readers options to digest the information.

Providing various content formats strengthens a page in terms of search and user experience.

Finally, you need to diversify the content topics to extend the thematic authority of your website.


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Focusing only on one topic will build a strong connection between your site and that topic, but it could also mean ranking you up and missing out on other potentially lucrative opportunities.

For example, on our own blog, Page One Power, we had a long discussion about link building, which makes it easier to rank our pages for link building keywords.

However, this narrow focus has made visibility difficult as we work to expand our topics to broader SEO practices and philosophies.

It will take time to acquire thematic authority for these broader topics, and perhaps a more diverse thematic strategy would have served us better.

We have adjusted the course accordingly and have plans to build authority on the spot on more diverse topics.

This is just one example that illustrates the importance of broader market research to inform marketing strategies.

As your business evolves to serve a larger market, your market research strategies and applications must evolve as well.


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Diversification within your content will guarantee you:

  • Address each step of your marketing funnel.
  • Position your pages for search success.
  • Broaden the topical authority of your website and brand in the eyes of search engines and visitors.

However, the content and links are the driving force behind search rankings, and diversification into these two areas is paramount for SEO success.

Diversify link acquisition strategies

Diversification within link building is just as important to diversifying content strategies, and it starts with tactics.

Diversifying your link acquisition tactics is especially important because relying too heavily on a single tactic can quickly approach manipulation.

Essentially, any link building technique can be appropriately exploited or overused in a spammy fashion, so you want to diversify your approach to avoid overstating a singular strategy.

Diversify linkage strategies

Take blog comments, for example. There are still some parameters for which a link to your website in a blog comment is appropriate or even useful (mostly from potential clicks, as most blog comment links are rel = nofollow).


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However, these situations are rare. Just blowing up every blog with a comments section with your irrelevant commercial link has no value, and certainly not a lasting linking strategy.

There is probably some opportunity for you to leverage blog comments in your link building strategy. But to be effective, you need to sprinkle those links into a larger, more diverse strategy that uses multiple tactics such as:

A diverse link acquisition plan is more sustainable and scalable.

You should also diversify the types of link leads that you are targeting.

You want to target websites that are relevant to your niche, but that doesn’t mean you should target just one specific type of site.

There should always be a wide range of websites to target that are also relevant to your brand, product, or service.


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For example, a childcare supplies business would be relevant to many moms blogs, but there would hypothetically be opportunities to target other types of sites such as:

  • Parenting resources.
  • Niche-specific directories.
  • Local community pages.
  • Medical and health information sites.
  • Child development and child care websites.

Links from a wide range of websites will signal Google a natural and authoritative backlink profile.

Finally, you need to target a diverse set of pages on your website for links.

Not all of the pages on your site will be link-worthy – so you’ll have to branch out to some extent.

That said, you need to make sure that you secure links to a wide range of pages on your site to make sure you grab your available search opportunities as much as possible.

Gaining links to a diverse group of pages on your site will cultivate a natural linking profile and increase the authority and trust of your domain.


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to sum up

Diversification plays a major role in SEO success.

SEO is changing and evolving rapidly, which means you’ll want to spread your marketing eggs across multiple baskets.

A comprehensive and diverse SEO strategy includes:

  • Diverse content and web pages.
    • Wide range of topics covered.
    • Various content formats, including multiple formats on the same page.
    • Diverse target audiences that make up your entire marketing funnel.
  • Various link building strategies.
    • Various link building tactics.
    • Different types of link leads.
    • Multiple target pages with internal links to cover potential gaps.

Additionally, you should strive to diversify your entire marketing strategy beyond SEO. Relying on just one channel can quickly get you in hot water.

In SEO terms, it could be a ranking page suddenly losing visibility due to an algorithmic update, but this issue extends to other marketing channels as well.


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It’s always best to diversify the ways you reach your audience and tap into as many channels as possible.

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