Seo services

The Pradix company offers SEO services

Any business working on the Internet, in urgent need of SEO services.

Creating a website is not enough. A website must be optimized for search engines. Website content must meet optimization standards so that your site will rank higher in Google or other search engines than your competitors’ sites and therefore attract visitors to your site.

Figuratively, the website is your virtual business.

What kind of business are you in? clothing sales, clinic, beauty salon, manufacturing, etc. In all cases, the company has a construction site where it carries out its activities. The businessman repairs it, furnishes it, decorates it internally and externally to make it attractive. He hires collaborators with whom he does familiarization work so that they can answer customer questions, and already a satisfied customer has made a decision and made a purchase. In other words, the building environment and other assets help the businessman to have an income.

The website and social media pages are your own assets, which the businessman should approach with equal care, otherwise the client will leave for a competitor.

However, there are several obstacles here.

. First, business people don’t have a clear idea that a website and social media are serious business assets. Most importantly, a website is the “office of a business” in the online space.

. Not everyone understands the “fix and trim” site.

. They think spending in the web domain is unnecessary.

. They can’t find an SEO specialist.

Pradix offers comprehensive SEO services.

Technical SEO, external SEO, internal SEO and content preparation.

The Pradix team has been providing SEO services for 15 years.

The languages ​​in which the company produces content are:

. Armenian

. English

. Russian language

The topics are varied, as our team includes professional content writers, journalists and translators. And the authors create content in the language the client needs, that is, in the native language and not in translation.

If you want to check prices, you can contact the company at [email protected] or by phone +37491073313.