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vidIQ for YouTube SEO services: Google Chrome extension is now available

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The vidIQ extension is now live. The YouTube management tool is available for download on Google Chrome or Firefox

vidIQ is the number one Chrome extension for YouTube, giving creators access to free software that uncovers hidden metrics on EVERY YouTube video, trending topics, top-ranking keywords, and boosts SEO.

— Rob Wilson – The vidIQ Team

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 25, 2022 / — vidIQ has announced the launch of its extension on popular browsers: Google Chrome and Firefox

Installing the extension gives creators access to a wide range of features to help them with their content optimization strategy. vidIQ provides detailed results for any YouTube video when using the extension.

Install the vidIQ extension from the official website.

Upon installing the extension, users will have access to the following features:

• Audit of vidIQ channels. A 24/7 YouTube channel audit tool. Provide instant results showing the performance of a user’s content. This targets what is working well and what issues could be changed.

• Average viewing time. The extension provides accurate watch time data for channel video views.

• Likes, shares and comments on social networks. Users will have instant access to features that show the number of times someone on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit has liked, shared or included the video URL in a comment. This information may be used to establish an audience-channel creator relationship.

• vidIQ Score: The extension tool places each YouTube video in a ranking system using its cross-platform algorithm, then provides each with an optimization score. The score can be used to predict its chances of being promoted in related videos, searches, and recommended videos.

• vidIQ Competitor Tool. This tool provides users with unique information about their competitors and how they are able to rank and attract views or subscribers. A user can instantly follow video creators, regardless of their channel size or influence. This method can be used to leverage a competitor’s ideas and use them as part of a user’s own YouTube strategy.

• Video Velocity. Video velocity is measured in views per hour. This tool identifies which YouTube videos are gaining viral popularity and how fast they are picking up in real time.

The extension is available for download from the official website here.

About vidIQ

vidIQ is an online educational website that offers a number of different tools, video tutorials, keyword research metrics, YouTube channel growth analytics, and SEO research. Users can use the Website, or the Extension, to improve their chances of getting Youtube Views and Subscribers.

Visit vidIQ official website for more product information.

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