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Ways To Sustain Your SEO Strategy CSQ

In 2019, for the first time in Google’s history, Google announced a update of the large base algorithm. They released the update in early June, and simultaneously Google also released what they dubbed the diversity update. The diversity update was separate from the general base algorithm update, which was designed to limit multiple results from the same domain, unless it made the most sense for the query.

Due to the update, sites in several niches have noticed significant drops in organic search visibility. If you rely on organic traffic to run your business, it’s important to take steps to perpetuate your SEO strategy to resist algorithm changes like updating the base algorithm broad and others you may see in the future.

Google has a strong place in search

Google not only controls search market share, it also uses search results as the end destinations for many users. As a user, you can now find local businesses in the local pack results, find flight information in search results, get answers to many questions and more.

Along with this, Google is replacing the metadata provided by websites because they believe that they can provide the best titles and descriptions that match the user’s intention.

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are constantly changing in an effort to keep users on Google to answer all of their burning questions, book trips, and find local businesses. It is very powerful.

In order to truly “Proof Future” your SEO, you need to think about it holistically, see it as a long term strategy, and keep iterating all the time, so you don’t regularly check for updates. algorithms.

Obviously, this is all done for the user experience and allows users to access the things they need in the fastest, most reliable, and easiest way possible. As a user, I like to find all the information I mentioned above quickly and easily. It is extremely helpful.

But many publishers and websites are seeing the impact in the loss of traffic. Who’s next? Or, is the real question how to move these SEO algorithm updates forward? Or, how do marketers find ways to increase brand awareness and visibility, from search… or even other channels.

But also, how you make sure you are a smart SEO by incorporating it into your product and making sure that algorithm updates don’t scare you when they are announced.

Minimize the impact of future algorithm updates

Google will never stop updating the algorithm and making changes in the name of improving user experience. In fact, I’m all for it. The good news for you is that there are steps you can take to make your site more resistant to future updates and at the same time less dependent on the traffic that comes to you from Google.

Long-term results instead of short-term gains

First of all, do you have a real strategy to win in SEO? Instead of blaming Google or going along with Google’s algorithm updates, perhaps a better approach would be to take all this time to think about how your site wouldn’t have to go. worry.

If you don’t have too much content, it might be time to add more.

If your crawl and indexing haven’t been well thought out and you have hundreds (or thousands… even tens of thousands) of pages. We have to invest in it.

How is internal meshing done across the domain?

Could you write more or any blog content on a regular basis that brings value to people who come to your website?

And, how do you think about all of this, and other channels, in a more holistic way so that you are really successful in creating a standalone, long-term marketing strategy?

Answer the above questions correctly and I guarantee you will never be stressed out by algorithm updates.

Quality content always survives

Remember how I mentioned the content above, well, this is really important. And, as far back as I can remember, this has been extremely important. “Content is king” has been a phrase online for a few decades now and will be for the foreseeable future.

I’ve always said it’s important to create content that people find value in. And, if that value matches the intent of the search queries, then it’s a win-win situation. Fluctuations and algorithm changes won’t have too much of an impact on this. While you may see a drop here or there, it will be just that. And, if some content loses its luster after a while, you should already be creating so much content that you won’t think about it.

Remember that focusing on the long term is the rule of the game.

If you have a strong, long-term approach to organic research, aimed at creating value, this is the only way to benefit from all the algorithm updates.

SEO does not rely on a silo

When I worked internally, I never thought of SEO as its own department. It touches on content, public relations, product and technology. The truth is, it only works if you think about it holistically and how to partner with these teams or link it to these efforts.

Because it can touch so much, you can also have a bigger impact than when it is worked in a silo. When you think holistically and think about long-term strategy, you can make sure that the content, user experience, and the technical details that all apply are designed with SEO in mind. And, they really are a “future proof” way of thinking about SEO.

Often times people think of hacks, quick wins, or quick ways to drive traffic from SEO. Although I did too, it always pays a lot more when I thought of SEO in a more holistic sense.

And, if everything works together well and you’ve built a solid traffic mix, if SEO traffic is reduced by a small number, you’ll feel a lot less impact.

By doing this in a thoughtful and holistic way, you’ll build a stronger, healthier foundation while reducing reliance on organic traffic.

Build relationships and your brand

New traffic from organic search is always a good thing, and as someone who has been doing it for over 15 years, I will always believe in the power of SEO.

But, again, thinking about this in a more holistic way, it’s also important to nurture a relationship with returning visitors. Having a thoughtful approach to engaging an audience through various channels can help drive more conversions and revenue.

Thinking about things from a trust perspective, the more you engage your audience through multiple channels, the less dependent you are on a channel, when and if it falters. It’s not exclusive to organic search and SEO too, just think of all the publishers and sites that were crushed by Facebook’s algorithm a few years ago, the same applies here.

You are playing a losing battle if you think it’s okay not to set up email marketing, re-engagement, community, or some form of engagement to nurture your audience and build a real brand.

Be holistic, think long term.

I believed while thinking of SEO and content holistically, but also in what your entire funnel and marketing mix is. What is the customer journey with and without SEO, as this could be the deciding factor in how your business actually performs from a growth perspective.

There are no shortcuts to building great business and so are increasing your traffic, audience, visibility and income. Any “hack” you might find may work for a temporary period, but you’ll still be worried about Google’s algorithm updates like the Broad Core update announced this year.

In order to truly “Proof Future” your SEO, you need to think about it holistically, see it as a long term strategy, and keep iterating all the time, so you don’t regularly check for updates. algorithms.