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Why Content Marketing Is A Foolproof SEO Strategy Today

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The search engine optimization (SEO) market is constantly changing. As search engines implement smarter algorithms, it’s not enough to produce shoddy content in the hope that it will influence bots in your favor.

In fact, SEO now requires a human touch, as well as more financial and creative resources than ever before.

Fortunately, SEO experts can take advantage of many different tools that are created with precisely these new requirements in mind. One of them is a content marketing platform called marketing9 which helps marketers to post sponsored articles on websites.

But first let’s see what content marketing can do for SEO.

Content Marketing – The New SEO?

If we looked back at what content marketing meant five years ago, it was a method used to acquire valuable links that only the biggest brands could use.

Businesses with marketing budgets in the millions have invested in promotional campaigns to get links from websites far beyond the financial reach of small and medium businesses.

Your average SEO specialist running a campaign could only dream of such a sophisticated link building strategy.

The situation has changed drastically in recent years, mainly due to the increased competition between small news sites or thematic blogs which are trying to attract advertisers with competitive prices.

Marketin9 is a platform that helps advertisers make sense of all these offers and choose the best value for money to publish sponsored content.

It allows advertisers to get discounted prices when they place a larger order with specific publishers. This way, the cost of publishing a sponsored article is typically 20% (and up to 50%) lower than if the advertiser contacted such a website directly.

How do links obtained from sponsored articles help improve rankings?

SEO experts agree that content marketing is of great value for link building.

However, the end results of posting sponsored articles on websites and portals are influenced by many factors such as:

  • The current link profile of the site.
  • The authority of the site.
  • If the website publisher allows us to include keywords in the anchor text.
  • If the links obtained from the articles are not followed.

Here are two case studies that show the potential of content marketing for SEO.

Case study 1: Tent producer

Last year we were approached by a tent producer who had spent six months trying to get their website to the first page of search results, without success. Our analysis revealed that their website’s link profile consisted of links from very low authority sites.

Timing was of the essence for our client – the peak season in their industry was about to begin. The fact that his website was below the top 10 results shown on the search engine page meant that he was going to lose customers and revenue.

We have decided to focus on developing 20 pieces of sponsored content on websites with the highest possible authority in the country. We managed to secure these posts and links within seven days of starting our cooperation.

As a result, the client’s website hit the first page of search results in just two weeks after posting. After three months of publishing sponsored articles, the site reached the top 3 search results for the most crucial phrase in the industry, ensuring optimal exposure for our client’s website.

Case study 2: Insurance company

Insurance is one of the most competitive industries when it comes to SEO.

Our client’s internal marketing department decided to test marketin9 to establish a long-term plan for publishing sponsored articles for one of its brands. Their goal was to increase the volume of traffic from organic search results and subsequently the website’s conversion rate.

In 12 months, we created 300 pieces of content on high authority websites. Every month we have noticed an increase in not only the position of the website but also the traffic.

If you are curious about how our SEO activities increased website traffic, read on.

In general, posts can drive traffic to a website – provided the content is of high quality and dedicated to solving a website audience problem.

By developing content that responds to customer queries and offers them quality answers and solutions, we not only improve website ranking in search engine results, but also create new revenue streams, attract new ones public and encourage people to stay longer on the site.

Take a look below to see how the website rankings and traffic have changed during this time:

Case study

Finally, at the end of the year, we achieved a return on investment at the overwhelming level of 255%.

Leverage content marketing

Content marketing is all about creating content that audiences engage and share with, thereby increasing a website’s online exposure. In addition, quality content that brings real added value to users drives traffic to your site.

Then there is the SEO component of content marketing. Search engines that see the links between the website and authority sources are more likely to offer that website a higher position in their rankings.

It’s a simple math – investing in posts on high authority websites and portals with tracked links is a sure-fire way to increase our site’s ranking in search engine results. The authority of the editors is, in a way, transferred to our website, at the same time bringing us a lot of valuable traffic.

Yet securing posts like this can still be a challenge for marketers.

Marketin9 was designed to meet this need by easily connecting marketers and publishers. You can take advantage of the platform to:

  • Content of the order.
  • Connect with editors from thousands of websites in over a dozen countries.
  • Filter them by parameters, categories or subjects.
  • Quickly order the publications they need.

You can also monitor the status of the post and control the budget spent on content marketing.

Launching a content marketing campaign has never been easier.

So enjoy it marketing9 now!

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