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Why Traditional PR Should Be Part of Your SEO Strategy

You can get links by producing great content that people social bookmark or mention on their sites. But you only get those links from your subscribers and a few others who stumble upon your content. Sometimes you have to push PR to get links because it’s dumb to just sit with one attraction strategy for link building.

Links from mainstream media outlets, big online publications, and influential bloggers can really boost your search rankings. In addition to the fact that the links you receive from mainstream media are from a high pagerank domain, they also cause a big link snowball effect.

Let’s say you are mentioned or featured in The New York Times. Since it’s such a big medium with a high readership, the article itself will likely receive a ton of external links, which gives you more SEO juice since you’re linking inside the article. If you’re lucky, you might even get direct links from other websites because they’ll have found you on The New York Times and consider you a credible source for the thing you were mentioned about.

Also, since you’re bound by The New York Times, you will receive a ton of referral traffic mention and a lot of direct traffic if the article is also printed. Traffic is also an important factor for SEO because your higher visibility tells search engines that you are a “more relevant search result” at the moment because more people are hearing, reading or searching for you.

More thoughts on how the link snowball effect and aggregate traffic benefits you in my latest article, Factoring Time into SEO.

Traditional PR increases your external link portfolio because you can get a ton of links from domains that may never have found your content. How likely is a Forbes publisher to find your website or blog and want to link to you without you contacting them first? But if you can get a link, you must be a fairly reliable source because such a prominent post mentions you, and it will be picked up by search engines.

Launch a PR campaign and see how these powerful links can help you!

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