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Why you need digital public relations in your SEO strategy

When people think of public relations, they’re used to thinking of articles from the local newspaper or their favorite glossy magazine. But these days, most people have had to shift their focus to digital public relations – appearing in online posts with often higher readership and better ways to track the impact of your hard work.

While this does mean that a greater strategy may be needed in your job to create a successful campaign, digital public relations are beneficial for businesses as a whole as it can improve your online presence and lead to visibility in many. places, going far beyond a single functionality. in a newspaper.

Why social media is necessary for digital public relations

Being able to reach a wider audience is, of course, largely due to social media and the ability to create a conversation around your work with other readers in the comments sections, reviews and from tweets and posts on your company’s social channels.

When your great PR work is shared in an online post, which is then shared on someone’s Facebook page, your work can now be viewed by an audience that may never have read that post and never read that post. He certainly wouldn’t have considered paying for physical copy, which means he’s gained additional readers with little effort. But the benefits of digital PR don’t end there.

Why digital PR and SEO need each other

For example, promoting your business in an online publication can help increase the credibility of your business and be seen as a reliable source by those looking for information on the topic you have chosen to speak about. Industry leaders are able to give insightful opinions on important matters, and if you can get your company to be seen by others as a subject matter expert, it will dramatically increase your authority. This is why statistics research is useful for a campaign. These days, it is more important than ever to save any findings or work that states new facts or you may fear that your campaign will be labeled as “fake news”, which is not a good public relations strategy for you. no one (we are “watching you, President Trump).

Another important benefit of digital public relations is that it allows Google to recognize your business site as the most trusted and relevant source for that particular industry. By using digital PR tactics to tie a press release to your business, you open a new door for potential customers to click easily.

And, if your business is linked to many other trustworthy sites like news posts that have high domain authority, Google would also trust your site and establish good authority. This will start showing your site higher in their search rankings, and in turn driving more organic traffic to your site, which can then convert those visitors into customers.

This is something that traditionally a mention in a beautiful print publication of top-notch PR work couldn’t help improve and that’s why digital PR has become so desirable these days. .

The different types of public relations strategies

So what is digital public relations? For the most part, the primary tactics are to create campaigns for your business or client by formulating ideas, creating a press release around that campaign, and targeting your press release to relevant journalists and publications through established relationships.

An even better campaign can be built around newsworthy, timely, and compelling items. If a digital PR campaign focuses on something that is currently being talked about a lot in the news or on social media, then the chances of your article being picked up by other media and shared by more people are much higher, which is a much more likely outcome than when you simply use traditional public relations tactics.

Other good digital PR tactics include responding to requests from journalists on HARO, via Twitter, and on Response Source; giving you the chance to help reporters pretty quickly with a current story they are broadcasting and being able to get that all-important backlink to your business site, reaping many benefits with much less effort .

How useful can old content still be?

Finally, another great reason digital PR is so exciting for businesses is for reuse. A lot of time is spent creating a campaign, usually by several people researching ideas and statistics, then writing their conclusions; each hoping for success. If a campaign doesn’t generate as much interest as you might initially like or if it becomes relevant again in the news, digital PR allows you to reuse that content and watch it from a new perspective or target different audiences.

Something that was originally intended to be a blog post on your website can be reused in an article for a newspaper or for a trade publication with new, relevant information on that topic. For example, an automobile manufacturer may produce information on how to stay safe while driving in a current snowstorm or impending flood warning and anticipate that reporters will search for content related to that topic for. its readers.

While traditional PR tactics are no longer totally redundant – who doesn’t like to see their work in print – a digital strategy is most definitely needed to grow your online presence and reach a much larger audience. If done right, it can open the doors to new customers by sending them straight to your site and producing a much greater ROI than with traditional PR or simple SEO tactics.

Sophie Campbell, Digital Public Relations Manager, Click