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Why You Should Add User Generated Content Into Your SEO Strategy

The internet is full of information. People come to search engines like Google for different things, whether it’s recipes, the weather, or even the best restaurants in their town. It can be quite difficult to compete with some of these big companies that have so much money behind them, but one thing you can do is give your visitors something they can’t get anywhere else: generated content. by the user (UGC).

Over time this has become more and more popular. Businesses realize that this not only benefits the customer, but also helps their business grow. About 67% of marketers say UGC impacts buying decisions. So if you want your business to stay afloat, you need to get involved or opt for a SEO Reseller.

What is User Generated Content?

UGC is the content that your customers and users create. It can be a review, a comment or even a photo. You can solicit this content by requesting it or you can produce quality content and initiate the process yourself. Analysis has shown that when it comes to getting your message out through UGC, you’ll be much more successful if you just ask people to share their experiences.

Sometimes certain products are so specialized that it can be difficult to find enough people to give detailed reviews. But in all honesty with the number of products available on the market today, there is bound to be someone who has experience using the product you are selling!

Why is user-generated content important?

Here are the top reasons why UGC is most important for any business across multiple industries.

It’s good for the customer relationship

User-generated content can be a great way to build relationships with customers. If someone spends their time creating an amazing review or comment on one of your products, there’s no better way to say thank you than to reply to that person in the comments section. This increases brand loyalty as well as word of mouth reviews which are invaluable when it comes to promotion.

It makes money

UGC can be an amazing way to advertise. There are many websites dedicated to hosting user-generated content for businesses. If you put your product on the website and allow people to review it, people will come from all over the web to watch what they have to say about your products. It’s great because if someone writes a negative review but it gets more views, that means there’s more interest in the product that’s better for your business!

It increases SEO

The internet has become so competitive these days that any opportunity you have to stand out among the crowd is worth pursuing. Publishing UGC on your site makes Google sit up and pay attention. This is because Google uses special bots called spiders that search web pages for keywords. If you put user-generated content on your site, that’s just one more way to give Google what it wants!

It builds credibility

One of the main reasons people use search engines is to find out if a product or company is credible. If they have UGC on their site, it helps establish a more personal connection with the user as well as giving them first-hand experiences from other customers that can help boost their SEO rankings!

Adding user-generated content into your web strategy is something that helps you stand out from your competitors, improve customer relationships, earn money, and increase your website’s credibility.

The more user-focused content your website has, the greater the chance of getting featured snippets. Featured Snippets are snippets of search results that have been enhanced by Google to display a particular answer to a searched question. The snippet itself is a clickable title that provides additional information about it in the form of an answer box.

Will user-generated content penalize my site?

No, adding UGC will not result in any kind of penalty from Google. In fact, you can add user-generated content for your product and blog posts without having to worry about anything.

Several popular businesses and platforms like Quora, Reddit, and many more are thriving on user-generated content and generating a good amount of revenue for themselves while dramatically increasing their traffic. So it will not harm your business in any way.


If you are looking for success SEO services campaign, then adding UGC is the first step you should take. Not only will this help you build credibility, but it will also help increase customer relationships as well as increase your traffic by helping you rank on search engine pages. It’s best to start working on it today to start gaining traction with search engines.